Asia Plus
Asia Plus is taking our first step in Myanmar to grow into the No. 1 global real estate developer.
We have the largest real estate in Myanmar and link it to domestic and overseas investors.

Asia Plus is a real estate company that provides comprehensive differential services in the real estate field.
Working with the best specialists, we offer services in all real estate areas, such as implementation, construction
purchase, sale, development, lease, management, operation, marketing, public relations, law, and taxes.
By accurately identifying market demand and supply needs, we seek to reach the best estate value by pioneering
development planning and marketing expertise.
Creation of the city Co., Ltd.
Since the beginning, our company has covered all real estate-related services, from basic tasks to elaborate ones.
We have many years of experience in all areas of real estate, including corporate advice, P/M, office development and lease,
and personal asset management. Based on these experiences, we identify the individual consumers' needs and companies'
requirements, and we create a product planning and sales marketing appropriate for our target market.
We've been developing our expertise and making every effort to make our business successful. After years of experience,
we accumulated significant knowledge in this field and developed technical skills to deliver a successful project.
Consequently, along with the years, we expanded our work scope, including new areas of expertise such as apartments,
knowledge industry centers, luxurious residential buildings, townhouses, and shopping mall centers, writing a successful
sales story. Today with an unwavering passion, we continue to walk on the path of success and write new chapters of our
significant sales achievements.